Ice Cream Cake

My sister gave me the idea for this recipe when my kids were much younger. I liked it because it was a project I could give my kids to do all on their own, when they were still pretty small.

Bundt cake pan
1 store-bought angel food cake, torn into 1-2” pieces
3-4 small containers of your favorite ice cream (my son’s favorite flavors are Chocolate Chip Mint, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Cookies n’ Cream; I always add some Strawberry for color)

Scatter some angel food cake pieces in the bottom of the cake pan, then spoon a few scoops of each ice cream flavor over the angel food cake. Repeat this process until the Bundt cake pan is filled with angel food cake pieces and ice cream. Cover the pan with foil and freeze for 4-6 hours or overnight. Before serving, remove cake from freezer and slide a knife around the sides of the cake. Dampen a small towel with hot water and wring towel almost dry. Invert cake pan onto serving platter, and wrap hot towel around base of pan to unmold. Return cake to freezer until ready to serve.

Birthday dessertsIf decorating the cake for a Knight party, break a chocolate Hershey bar into rectangles and insert chocolate pieces into cake so that they look like battlements. Make pennants by gluing a piece of wired ribbon to the end of a bamboo skewer and insert skewers into cake also. Remember to add candles!

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