Medieval Times/Knight party for a 12-year-old boy

As my kids got older, the backyard lost its appeal and birthday parties were more appealing if “we could go somewhere.”  So, when my son turned 12, he got the idea to go to Medieval Times with some off his friends.Medieval Times guest knightsAlso, our house was under construction at the time, so throwing a birthday party away from home was almost a necessity.  This was a real departure for me – a dedicated DIYer, but I was wisely able to relinquish total control with grace and dignity.

I also came up with a cute and really easy invitation:Invitation outside

Fortunately for us, Medieval Times is practically in our backyard, so renting a van to transport all those boys (with my husband as chauffeur/bus driver) was a no-brainer.  (I drove the girl-car for his sister and her little friend.)Damsels in no distressPre-dinner entertainment was graciously provided by Medieval Times in the manner of group photo ops, sword-making demonstrations, sword displays, heraldry displays, and the purchase and use of the ubiquitous foam sword for each of our visiting knights (and ladies).Sword photo

The use-your-hands dinner and jousting tournament was enjoyed by everyone.  Frankly (and snootily), I had assumed that watching this pretend production would be cheesy and silly, but I was happily surprised.  The equestrian display alone was impressive; the Medieval Times performers are remarkably good stunt men (and women) – and I would be happy to see them again.  And the food was tasty enough – considering that I didn’t have to lift a finger (except to eat), it was delicious.  After the show was over, we brought all the party guests back to our house for the birthday boy’s favorite (and easy) ice cream cake (decorated with Hershey’s chocolate battlements and ribbon pennants) and snickerdoodles.Birthday desserts

In the immortal (and probably inaccurate) words of Shrek’s friend, Donkey, “My little baby’s all grown up and off slaying dragons!”  Fun times at Medieval Times…


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