Frontier Invitation

This invitation was too easy for words: a quick trip to a local stationery store, some quick late-night writing, printing and… the invitations were done!

Frontier Invite-Blog-RevisedI was lucky to find printer-friendly paper that was cute and outdoors-y – just right for a six-year-old party invitation.

By Googling “Fall stationery paper,” or “Scenic stationery paper,” other options are available.

The font used was Playbill (Word 2013, font size 36), printed in green, with Autumn/Fall Clip Art inserted throughout the text.

Here’s what the invitation said:


This here is a formal invite

to head west

to the edge of the Eastbluff Wilderness

and rendezvous with the Scouting Party gathering there

to celebrate

Tommy Smith’s 6th birthday on Saturday, November 6th from 2:30 – 4:30 pm…

Explore the frontier

on a scavenger hunt,

cook up some wild grub,

tell tall tales ’round the campfire,

and generally have a hoot…

Rsvp to the bona fide, certified rangers at 123.456.7890

by November 6th…

Hope to see you there!