Hello World!

Fêtesuzette is my proferred handshake to the world.  I am an average-but-unique homemaker who gave up her career to stay home and raise the kids.  That’s done, for the most part, so now it’s my time to rejoin the land of the outer provinces, or the adult world.   One thing I know: I’m not alone.  I also know how to throw a good party – from the invitations, menu-planning, and food preparation shortcuts, through the final presentation.  And I have a happy time doing it.  Please join me – the more the merrier!

8 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Oh, my goodness…Susie, you are amazing! What a great site and wonderful way to share your gifts for entertaining with the world! You’re ever so clever and we are sure to be in for a big treat, whenever you throw a party. I’m looking forward to gathering some more extra-special recipes and ideas for fool-proof parties! Very impressive!!!

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